High demand from primary schools

High demand from primary schools

LOGICO is a teaching resource created in Germany, designed to develop self-confidence and motivation in learning. LOGICO is user-friendly, self-explanatory and easy to operate. Each game is very simple to use – just insert a card into the answer board, move the coloured buttons from each question to the answer space and check the answers by turning the card over to see if the coloured buttons match the colours on the card.

The LOGICO program consists of two levels targeting specific but overlapping age groups and ability levels: LOGICO PRIMO (ages 3-6 years) and LOGICO PICCOLO (ages 5-10 years). Each version contains an answer board and a series of topics with 16 corresponding learning cards. Students work through each topic, card by card the difficulty level increases. Content covers skills such as colour and shape recognition, logical thinking and reasoning, spatial and geometrical skills, mathematical concepts and operations, problem solving and literacy development.

The structure of the program enables teachers to differentiate tasks easily according to individual needs, cards can be used to introduce new concepts. Students requiring extension can challenge themselves using the more difficult version. A great advantage of using LOGICO as part of our program in the classroom is that the students do not have to write. Working with children who have learning difficulties, physical impairments, poor fine motor skills and attention difficulties, we’ve found it useful as it provides short, achievable tasks, targeted at individual learning needs. It is also an ideal activity for rotations in literacy or numeracy as students can work at their own place, either individually or with a partner; teachers can set areas to work on at each child’s level or give free choice.

By Kerry Forrest, Primary School Teacher

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