Reviews about LOGICO:

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Some quotes from customers:

Yolanda: "LOGICO Primo is definitely the best educational toy we have purchased! My son loves the game so much that he asks to play it every day. All the exercises are so well designed and the pictures are fun to look at. Delivery was super fast. Customer service is outstanding. Definitely coming back for more books and LOGICO Piccolo!"

Dominique  "It is awesome!. My students love it. Three years using this product. Beautiful packaging, great customer service and quick delivery."

Julie  "The kids can do it themselves. It was pretty simple to use and kids can do it quite easily."
Anonymous:  "Always on time or even sooner than promised. I am very satisfied with your service and the products."

KellyElliott used LOGICO and really enjoyed it. He started with the 4+ which kept him entertained for 45 minutes. The next day he asked to do it again so we gave him the 6+ (closer to his age of 5) and again, it was about 45 minutes. He liked how there were counters (“buttons”) to move and a special board to play with and the content was interesting and different. He said "we don’t do anything like this at school, Mummy!" We are going to take it with us when we go on trips or holiday as it is a neat and tidy game we can play (no slime, felt sturdy, lightweight & can dip in and out)."