LOGICO Piccolo - Starter Package: 3 books and 1 frame (6+)

LOGICO Piccolo starter set 3 books and frame
Book Language Ready for reading
Book Math Paths 1
Book Geommetry 1
Piccolo frame



LOGICO Piccolo Starter Package for children aged 6 to 9 years.

1 LOGICO Piccolo frame

3 selected Piccolo titles, each title includes 16 different activity sheets to improve the following learning skills for a 6 - 9 years old:  

  • Cognitive skills
  • Logical thinking 
  • Concentration 
  • Math and Geometry
  • Language development
  • School readiness

If you have a preference which of the titles you would like, write it down at the checkout in the comment section. Otherwise, we will make a good selection for you.

You may choose 3 of the following titles: 

School readiness Look and Think (5+), Language Picture stories (6+), Language Ready for reading (6+), Mathematics Problem Solving (6+), Math Paths 1 Addition and subtraction up to 20 (6+), Math Paths 2 Addition and subtraction up to 20 (6+), Geometry 1 (6+), Geometry 2 (7+). 

LOGICO is a European educational game for children. Learning through play is fun!