LOGICO Primo set 8 books and frame

LOGICO Primo set frame and 8 books
LOGICO Primo book Color and shape puzzles
LOGICO Primo book Comparing quantities
LOGICO Primo book Finki at kindergarten
LOGICO Primo book First math with pictures
LOGICO Primo book Learn about coding
LOGICO Primo book Look and match
LOGICO Primo book Numbers up to 10
LOGICO Primo book Thinking skills



LOGICO Primo set with 8 books and a Primo frame. New edition.
You will receive the following titles:

    • Finki at Kindergarten (age 3+)
    • Thinking Skills - First Logic Games (age 3+)
    • Color and Shape Puzzles (age 3+)
    • First Math with Pictures (age 4+)
    • Comparing Quantities (age 4+)
    • Learn about Coding (age 4+)
    • Look and Match (age 5+)
    • Numbers up to 10 - Count and Compare (age 5+)

    LOGICO is a European educational game for children. Learning through play is fun!